About MOI
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Professional Brand Design & Management

We love designing brands

We're not logo designers! Company brands go to the core of what CL is about.

Designing your company brand is a real privilege and opportunity. Our brand designs reflect this in their understanding and relationship with your customers.

To create the right brand design we need to understand your business inside out, your customers, your sector and values. This research is something we do carefully and with a passion. We take all the information and translate it into your brand.

Who we've worked with

Maghull Group
Maghull Group Re-Brand

We won this contract after the toughest tender process we've ever been through! Maghull Group needed an agency they trusted & clicked with as much as the intense design scrutiny. Maghull Group had the same logo for the last 23 years so we would be as careful. If you're from Liverpool, you'll recognise the design.

ecommerce website
CPL Training

What a great project to work on and a brilliant client. CPL Training gave us complete design freedom and we really
got stuck in. The results have been phenomenal for CPL. The branding was the start; after we launched a complete new ecommerce website and an SEO strategy that caught the competition sleeping.

Venmore Website Design
Venmore Brand

An eureka moment on this design project after six weeks of pencil snapping and mounting pressure! The branding project involved a 4 month customer and supplier research project, name change and two new mergers. CL was retained to design all the new marketing materials & signage.

Underwater Street

A really cool design project. Underwater Street was voted a Telegraph Top 20 UK Tourist Attraction because of its unique way of teaching children at the same time having mega fun! The brand has been really well received. Happy Bunnies.


We really wanted to go retro with this and make a splash. Homotopia opened with a bang in 2008 as Liverpool's Mardi Gras and received huge amounts of national exposure on TV and media. The festival has become an annual event for Liverpool.


A graduate recruitment agency in Manchester. The project was supported
by NWDA and Manchester City Council in 2008. The brand was rolled out with a new website & marketing materials including direct mailing and advertising.

Hurlston Hall
Hurlston Hall

A brilliant contract to work on.
We transformed the brand and moved the resort into a new corporate arena. Hurlston Hall is a very traditional and respected golf club and as any golfer will testify, change isn't that easy. This was a delicate project were communication and trust was essential.


Voted the regions most entrepreneurial company for three years running. Areogistics is a Liverpool AIMES spin off business backed by MSIF venture fund. The project was huge, CL was brought in to mastermind the brand and market entrance campaign. The business now employs over 400 people.

il forno liverpool
il forno

Yum yum in your tum! il forno is one
of Liverpool's best authentic Italian restaurants, master minded by Vince Maggiatia. CL were brought in to design the brand and at that this time manage the launch party. With some fire shows from WTP we won 'Best Launch Event in 2005'. Never again, 300 drunk people and fire!

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